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Meet Syd

Syd is on a mission to disrupt the Education sector by empowering Education Businesses to think differently, maximising their impact and enabling them to continue doing what they do best – being an awesome Educator!

Serial Entrepreneur and Outstanding Woman in STEM Award Winner, Syd knows a thing or two about the Education sector. Through her business, Femtinos, Syd has worked with over 12,000 children over the last decade. Her vision is to take her skills global, working with remote schools and training staff to instill growth mindset strategies.

Education changes lives.

Educators hold this power.

But first we must understand the mechanics of our business to then know how we can maximise impact.

The UK Educators Community is the place for industry specific workshops, coaching and support.

Whatever platform you use to share your knowledge to the world, this is the place for collaboration and learning new skills to take your education business to another level.

We are a people community. People buy into people. In a world where we are becoming more distant and isolated (ahhh let’s not talk isolation!), its more important than ever to connect.

We want to help you not just reach more people, but to create lasting connections and an imprint in their memory, so they continue to return to you. And you can continue doing what you love! Be an Awesome Educator!
Positivity, creativity and innovation is contagious and Syd is on a mission to create a chain reaction. Join us, and take your business through an awesome transformation!

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