Online Group Classes Workshop
How-to run Online Groups £99
Online Group Classes Workshop

Learning workshops dig deeper into the mechanics and how-to of your business. These 3 hour intensive sessions take your business knowledge to a new level. Tried and tested industry secrets that have given results time and time again. Each learning workshop comes with a beautiful workbooklet (the classic trademark of Syd) and access to a recorded version for 30 days. Choose from live and recorded versions


This workshop will help if:

  1. You want to run online group classes
  2. You want to streamline your admin
  3. You want to learn tricks and tips on maximising online learning.
If you want to learn how to attract students to your group classes, check out The Mechanics of Marketing & Sales

Key take aways

How to run online group classes
Streamlining the admin
Tricks & Tips on maximising online learning
How to run Online Group Classes Workshop with Syd


This is a hands-on learning opportunity for you to understand how to start running group classes or streamlining the admin for your business.


Syd loves teaching in groups!


This is what she is known for. Over the last decade, she has taught 12,000 kids in group classes and workshops and events.


Syd has managed over 1200 live group classes through her online school from Sept 2020 to Dec 2020, that’s an average of 300 classes a month . She knows a thing or two about group teaching and the pains with the admin if it’s not set up properly!
Come and learn some tips to do and pitfalls to avoid.
Learning workshops run for 3 hours with a short break in between and the opportunity to pitch projects, courses and collaborative ideas at the end.


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