The Mechanics of Marketing & Sales £99

Learning workshops dig deeper into the mechanics and how-to of your business. These 3 hour intensive sessions take your business knowledge to a new level. Tried and tested industry secrets that have given results time and time again. Each learning workshop comes with a beautiful workbooklet (the classic trademark of Syd) and access to a recorded version for 30 days. Choose from live and recorded versions

The Mechanics of Sales & Marketing for Education Businesses with Syd

This will help if:

  1. You want to get more people to book onto services you offer
  2. You want to reach more people (without paying for ads)
  3. You are getting enquires but want to learn techniques to turn them into bookings
  4. You are planning to do groups and want to attract people to them

Key take aways

Language of Marketing & Sales
Understanding your Current Processes
Exploring your Customer Channels
Sales & Marketing Funnels
Rejection Handling
The Mechanics of Marketing & Sales
This workshop is a hands-on learning opportunity for you to understand the sales and marketing side of your business.
It doesn’t have to be the icky sales stuff you see traditional sales people do.
You won’t get any of the pushy sales ideas from Syd. What you’ll get is tried and tested ideas that work for our sector, that build trust and confidence with the families you work with and they appreciate, value and want more of what you do.
Through training her team, Syd has learnt that everything she does and has done, has a process. And those processes can be replicated.
So what will we cover?
  1. Learning the language used in business:
    One of the biggest barriers to learning about business development is the jargon that’s used in every business book and course. You’ll learn what’s meant by leads, conversions, marketing, sales, market research, funnels and lots more
  2. Understanding and reflecting on your current business:
    Our business is like a car. We’re the driver of our mission and the business is our vehicle. When things are going fine, we coast through, but when there’s an issue with the engine or wheels, we wish we’d got it serviced earlier. Understanding the mechanics of your business is vital.
  3. Exploring the issues with conversions:
    We’ll be looking at why your customers aren’t booking and what you can do about this.
Learning workshops run for 3 hours with a short break in between and the opportunity to pitch projects, courses and collaborative ideas at the end.


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