Entrepreneurship Vs Business Owner

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What’s the difference between an Entrepreneur & a Business Owner?

 One is a trial blazer, the other follows tried and tested methods.

One is an innovator, the other follows the crowd

One creates, the other regurgitates

One collaborates, the other competes

One is driven by their values, the other adopts the latest craze 

I’m a big believer that the Education sector needs a revolution.

It needs to be disrupted.

It needs entrepreneurs to do things differently.

It needs people to take the lead and see opportunities.

A lot of traditional business support, is based on giving advice to Business Owners – not Entrepreneurs. Traditional Business Support encourages a fixed mindset culture of “checking your competitive”, “starting with tried and tested products / services”, “following trends”. Entrepreneurs don’t follow trends, they create them. Entrepreneurs don’t compete, they become leading experts.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed.

It’s fine if you want to just be a business owner. It’s safe. It’s similar to being employed though but without the stability. 

Important thing to know is who do YOU want to be?

It’ll determine the role models you have and the community you create around you. Being able to identify which camp others belong too is fundamental to know who you turn to for advice. Mentorship, coaching, or training is only fully valuable and relatable if both you and your trainer are on the same page.

The UK Educators Community is a group for Entrepreneurs, there’s definitely no doubt about that.

My network is entrepreneurs.

Every person I’ve interviewed for the UK Educators Podcast, is a disruptor in their specialist area.

These are the people that will create change in waves.

These are also the people who:

  • Will pivot
  • Not use excuses to hold them back
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Succeed!

Are you ready?


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