Invest in Yourself

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How many of you invest in yourself?

Invest in your growth

Invest in your learning

Invest in your professional development

When you’re starting out or in the early years of business, we’re tempted to get things for free or for cheap.

Flip this around to tutoring. What would you say to a parent looking to getting tuition for free or for a cheap rate?

  • “You get what you pay for”
  • “If you want value, you’ll need to be willing to pay more”
  • “Experience comes with a price tag”
  • “A tutor can command a higher price if they have the qualifications, track record and are brilliant at what they do.”

The same notion applies to business development. The industry has a full array of business support from freely available or cheap, to tens of thousands of pounds. You definitely do take more value from things you invest more into.

Over the years, I’ve followed some amazing and inspirational entrepreneurs. I’ve found the content they post useful and valuable – they’re premium training is on another level of greatness. I look back at my life and reflect on the points that made me turn direction after training, support, business development programmes.

There are many moments but I remember one very well: I’d followed an entrepreneur for years. I wanted him to coach me. I spent be nearly a year saving up for just one afternoon of 1:1

I’m still benefiting from that coaching session. It was 4 years ago. I still haven’t implemented everything – I just don’t feel ready, just yet. But the changes I did implement, changed the direction of my business, changed my mindset, changed the opportunities that followed.

 Invest in yourself

It’s definitely worth it

But you won’t know its value until years later if you reflect and think back and see just how big that impact was.

The great thing about learning from someone’s lived experiences is that they cut your trial and error years in half. How do you put a value onto that?

You can’t

If I am that person for some of you, why not check out the Business Development section and reach out to me?


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