Episode #10: Agency Start-ups

#10: Agency Start-ups with Jemma Smith – The ups and downs of growing an agency

Release date: Sun 2nd May

Jemma is the Founder and Director of The Education Hotel.  Jemma has extensive knowledge of the education sector. She has previously managed a residential tuition centre based in the U.K. and tutored families in Dubai, San Francisco, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hawaii and Kenya. The Education Hotel is a bespoke tutoring service offering premium tuition to children of all ages and nationalities.  Find out more here: https://educationhotel.co.uk/


Key take aways

Stick true to what your niche and values are in the business, because it is so easy to get distracted with what others are doing.
Ensure the systems and processes are in place so you can invoice and pay tutors
Look after your customers well - ensure the quality is high and give them a reason to stay with you


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