Episode #11: Book Branding

#11: Book Branding with Claire Clarke – Promoting your business through branded books

Release date: Sun 16th May

Claire Clarke is a book branding wizard. If you’re a stationery and merchandise lover, you’re in for a treat. Claire helps entrepreneurs to turn their book journal ideas into a reality, creating branded books that will give you at the forefront of your clients’ minds. Create books for your business that make YOU unforgettable by levelling-up your brand, and positioning you as the expert in your field. Claire runs two courses every year to help you create your very on print-on-demand books. You can find out more here: https://iamclaireclarke.co.uk/


Key take aways

Colour & imagery is so pivotal in your branding, ensure your brand gives off the perception you want it to
Print-on-demand is the future of publishing books. No huge outlays, no storage, no wastage - win, win, win!
Have a way of keeping your ideas all in one place - Trello is one application that allows you to do this


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