Episode #12: Money Mindset

#12: Money Mindset with Rae Richards – Understanding the Archetypes to charge your value

Release date: Sun 23rd May

Rae specialises in coaching women on their money mindset, branding & styling in a unique. Her work often starts with identifying her client’s archetypes.  Whilst Rae’s work is generally with women, her Money Archetypes assessment works the same for all genders.  You can take Rae’s “Sacred Money Archetype Quiz”, and find out more about her awesome services here: http://bit.ly/UKED_Rae_Richards



Key take aways

Change the relationship & identity with money to one which becomes more aligned and creates a collaborative approach with the money
Once you know and understand your personality type, you're able to quickly identify which other personality types will be attracted to your business and who you need to market your business to.
Knowing how your archetypes work together will help you identify when you are out of balanced and need to realign


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