Episode #2: Juggling Plates

#2: Juggling Plates with Georgina Green – How to survive running a business whilst working full-time!

Release date: Sun 7th Mar 21

Georgina is a scientist and a personal tutor, having taught maths and science since 2012. She leads a team of STEM tutors at Green Tutors, and coaches teachers and tutors with bringing their tuition business online in Tackling Tutoring Online. In her spare time she volunteers with STEMNet to deliver careers talks, STEM workshops, and talks to inspire young girls into STEM careers.

Key take aways

Build routines and habits to look after yourself using the Fabulous App: https://www.thefabulous.co/
Write things down so you can have the satisfaction of ticking them off
Block out time where you dedicate completely to one thing at a time
Have systems in place that will make your life more efficient


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