Episode #3: Me, Myself & I

#3: Me, Myself & I with Richard Gray –The pain points of being a solo entrepreneur

Release date: Sun 14th Mar 21

Richard Gray is the founder of Crystal Tuition, a tuition company that solely teaches 11+ creative writing. He is renowned for making lessons both fun and educational, with an emphasis on building confidence in young writers. You can take a look at the excellent results that he has achieved on his FB business page (Crystal Tuition) You can also get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of Richard’s website https://crystaltuition.com

Join us as we discuss how to delegate work to ease the burden of being a solo-preneur

Key take aways

Be a free man by working on your own terms - personal fulfilment is important over money
The importance of delegation, so you can focus on areas that you love
Create an interview process that tests candidates on skills and values that are important to you


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