Episode #5: Leadership in a Covid World

#5: Leadership in a Covid World with Kul Mahay – Keeping true to your values as you grow and survive 

Release date: Sun 28th Mar 21

Kul Mahay is a Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Specialist. He uses his 26 years of experience as a leader, coach and mentor, to help leaders to develop their most powerful asset, their ability to communicate and relate to teams, clients and peers. Kul is the founder of Ignite Your Inner Potential. His mission is to create confident, outstanding leaders who are comfortable in their own skin. See more about Kul’s work here: https://www.igniteyourinnerpotential.com/

Key take aways

Build better relationships with other people through emotional intelligence
Alignment of values is important in teams and businesses. Ensure you only work with people who are like-valued.
Be fluid in Leadership - a leader with emotional intelligence will hit on all 6 different types of leadership when appropriate
Stop procrastination by having "laser focused hours" and tap into the "hidden potential chamber"
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  1. Heather

    Provides some real inspiration and useful information. Loving it. The key take aways are great. Really hit the mark.

  2. Tracy

    Love the notes and the learnings.
    I can’t always have audio on, so being able to get the notes and read is amazing.
    Bad habits are difficult to break but breaking these bad habits is often the key to excelling in our businesses every day.
    Except for chocolate… I refuse to give up that bad habit 😉
    Scaling is the next thing that many established businesses need to do, and sometimes there is fear around scaling.

    Would love notes for the other ones ;-)x


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