Episode #8: Growing Your First Team

#8: Growing your first team with Joe Trodden – Tools & techniques to overcome the initial challenge

Release date: Sun 18th April

Joseph has been in the entrepreneurial leadership space for the last seven years, working with over 300 entrepreneurs at every stage of business. He now specialises in working with leaders who are in a growth phase of their business (typically 2+ years in, team of ~10 and t/o of 500k-1M). This includes building strategic roadmaps, operational planning and resourcing, and working with the core team to create cultural shifts. Ultimately his role is about helping entrepreneurs to get clarity on where they want to go next, how they’re going to do it and who they want to become as a leader.

Key take aways

When hiring, be clear what the job is and what you intend them to do, by getting everything down on paper that you need.
Have a balance of "Rockstars" (stable, committed) and "Shooting Stars" (ready for the next challenge) type of people
Understand your own and other's personalities to reduce battles during discussions


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