S02 Episode #1: A day in the life of a Franchisee

S02 Episode #1: A day in the life of a Franchisee with Miguel de Sousa

Release date: Sun 4th July 2021

Welcome to Season 2 of the UK Educators Community Podcast, where you’ll get a sneak peek into Educator’s diaries, as Syd asks her guests to run through one of their typical days.  This first episode features Miguel de Sousa

After 15 years in the catering business, Miguel decided to pivot during lockdown in the UK.  His wife was an educator, so he had plenty of insight and support when it came to buying into Tutortoo.  He runs the Worcester franchise; you can find out more here: https://www.tutortoo-worcester.co.uk/

Many educators come into tutoring from a schooling/teaching background, Miguel is quite rare as his past is in business.  This makes for an insightful chat!



Key take aways

Planning and structuring the days in advance is important
Have a to-do list, but never feels guilty if you stray from it to do something enjoyable, as long as work gets done
There are 2 types of people: "Onions" stay in a job for MANY years and build up layers of knowledge about their industry and business, whilst "Rockets" move quickly upwards between jobs and industries. Which are you?


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