S02 Episode #12: A Primary Maths & English Specialist with Siobhan Simpson

S02E12 A Primary Maths & English Specialist with Siobhan Simpson

Release date: Sun 19th September 2021

Welcome to Season 2 of the UK Educators Community Podcast, where you’ll get a sneak peek into Educator’s diaries, as Syd asks her guests to run through one of their typical days.  On this episode, you’ll meet Siobhan Simpson, who helps professional Mums raise their child’s confidence in Maths through online learning through her company, Primrose Tuition

You can see more about Siobhan and her tuition business here: https://www.primrosetuition.co.uk/

Key take aways

Siobhan LOVES working for herself as a tutor. She always felt overstretched in school, but now she's got time to offer her students much more quality support.
Siobhan is currently tutoring one to one, but has recently tested out a group teaching programme in KS2 Maths, which was successful. She'll be filtering this model into her business over time.
Siobhan's advice to people starting in their education business, is to "keep going and be consistent", as there's always another client "just around the corner". Consistency is also absolutely key in social media marketing. It CAN be tough, but a positive mindset will get you through the testing times.


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