S02 Episode #13: A Day in the Life of Syd

S02E13 A Day in the Life of Syd

Release date: Sun 3rd October 2021

Welcome to Season 2 of the UK Educators Community Podcast, where you’ll get a sneak peek into Educator’s diaries, as Syd asks her guests to run through one of their typical days. This is the final episode of this season, and due to popular demand, Syd will be sharing details of one of her days.

Key take aways

Syd is PASSIONATE about disrupting and improving the current education system. She knows many other educators share her thoughts, and identifies that we need to collaborate and pull in the same direction.
Syd talks about the importance of flexibility. Before the pandemic, her business was all face to face. As with many businesses at the time, it ground to a halt overnight. Her flexibility allowed her to adapt, and create an online model which works brilliantly.
Syd often works into the wee small hours, because she can be productive and effective at that time. It's important to identify what working practices work best for you, and embrace them.


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