S02 Episode #2: A day in the life of a Science Specialist

S02 Episode #2: A day in the life of a Science Specialist with Michelle Gee

Release date: Sun 11th July 2021

Welcome to Season 2 of the UK Educators Community Podcast, where you’ll get a sneak peek into Educator’s diaries, as Syd asks her guests to run through one of their typical days.  This episode features Michelle Gee

Michelle teaches Biology to undergraduates at The Open University as well as working as a private tutor. Michelle left her teaching training course after just two months, thinking that she wasn’t cut out to be a teacher. Ten years later she is glad she left her course but that she didn’t give up on teaching. Here’s Michelle’s FB page: https://m.facebook.com/MichelleGeeTuition

Michelle found lots of value from attending the “Nurturing your Audience” Learning workshop. Find out more info here.




Key take aways

If you're training to be a teacher in a traditional environment and feel you're "not right" for the role, don't give up on teaching! It's the system, not you!
Social media marketing works best when there's lots of ENGAGEMENT - create that engagement by replying to comments
Whilst social media is a powerful and FREE way of marketing your tutoring services, leafleting can also still provide a fantastic ROI
Michelle found lots of value from the "Nurturing your Audience" workshop


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