S02 Episode #9: A Day in the life of an English tutor with Gemma Bull

S02E09 – Home Ed English & History tutor with Gemma Bull

Release date: Sun 29th Aug 2021

Welcome to Season 2 of the UK Educators Community Podcast, where you’ll get a sneak peek into Educator’s diaries, as Syd asks her guests to run through one of their typical days.  On this episode, you’ll meet Gemma Bull.

Gemma supports her students to be confident, assertive and resilient, whilst making rapid academic progress.  She promises that with her calm and collaborative approach her students will “learn to ROAR” (Like Katy Perry, not a scary Lion having caught a Zebra!).

Key take aways

The private education model aligns with Gemma's values much closer than traditional schooling. She's been told by Headteachers of the past to ignore students who need emotional support, and concentrate her effort on pushing the ones who are doing well academically.
Whether you're a teacher or tutor in any capacity, it's soooo important to be passionate about your subject. The passion is what inspires students, or even co-workers.
Taking constructive criticism positively is really important, and your action as a result will make you better.


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