Reflection Time!

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 So every weekend, I reflect on what has gone well and what areas I need to work on.

I thought I would just share a reflection of the UK Educators Community here.

Last week was the first Learning Workshop. A very different format to any training I’ve previously done. I used a style I use with kids and it worked fabulously with a pretty workbooklet and cut and stick activities. No one is too old for a hands-on style workshop.

I met 8 AMAZING businesses, the action takers ready to get more customers into their business. The feedback and reviews were amazing and I’m so glad I was able to succinctly take my 10 years of learning and present it within 3 hours with pointers people can take away and apply immediately.

A few of the attendees have been in touch to tell me of the progress they’ve had with the tweaks they’ve made already.

One point everyone found really useful, and something they’d not thought about previously, is the importance of multiple streams of income. Top tip – get this set up and it’ll give you the security to not worry about money. Then you can focus on what you love doing!

Reflection is so important in your business. I keep a journal where I write down:

  • Ideas that pop into my head
  • All my to-do lists
  • Any learnings from situations
  • Meeting notes & ideas

I find that taking time out to reflect will help you find aspects of your business that need improving, or need adjusting. You can assess the success of any new things you are testing out (like my new workshop format) before rolling them out fully.

Reflection is key. 

Even when you are running something successfully for years, taking time to get feedback will ensure you are constantly improving your offering and also growing as an enterprise. It’s important to set time aside where you are able to work on your business rather than in it.


My weekly reflections include looking at what has gone well in the week, things that didn’t go well (and what I have learnt from them), and where my focus will be for the upcoming week. I am definitely a pen to paper type of person and love colour coding my journal. If you are looking to start out, think about what format you would like to journal / reflect in. You might prefer to do it in an app, or just a word document. Or maybe a bullet journal like the one I use. Whatever you decide, just ensure it works for you and will help you to be consistent. I’ve been journaling daily since November 2020. Sometimes it just recording the day’s schedule or notes from a meeting, but I ensure I write something. The consistency helps build happens.

Once you reflect, you end up spotting opportunities. This can help you develop new products or services, or improve your current offering.

Check out my top tips and try it – you never know until you try.


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