UKED Tribe

Become part of the family

A brand new membership is launching in January 2022 for those Educators in Business looking to push their business and brand further. The UKED Tribe will be THE place for accountability, mentorship, business coaching and learning, all with me, SYD!

I am super excited to be sharing all my learnings, from the last 11 years, but especially the last 18 months. During covid, I set up and launched a brand new business, that has grown incredibly since its creation. I have learnt so much, and I am super excited to share all the insights, tips, things to avoid and how to create products and services in the education industry.

The UKED Tribe consists of:

  • The Upgraded Champions Club 2.0, including Group Coaching sessions twice a month
  • Monthly Learning Workshops
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Special Workshops from experts, including Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Scaling, Selling Resources, Hiring & Growing a Team
  • You’ll also receive a SUPER cool UKED Community Journal & Planner to keep track of your amazing journey! 

This gives you learning, reflection, accountability, mentoring, training and coaching, all rolled into a cool monthly programme, but also affordable. I love creating things that I would have wanted for myself, and this is exactly one of those programmes. The UKED community is all about collaboration, and this is why I’ll be working with some amazing supercool experts! Shhhhh Top secret for now!

The Tribe is only as good as its members. Come and have a chat and see if this will be the right fit for you and your visions for 2022!